Workflow Automation and Rules Management

As businesses across the globe gear up to face the toughest market conditions ever, with constantly demanding customers and stiff competition, they must leverage advanced technology to optimize processes and automate core functions. Leading global organizations are therefore deploying smart workflow automation systems, governed by flexible business rules to streamline processes spanning multiple departments.

OmniFlow Workflow Automation engine leverages its advanced Business Rules Management System (BRMS) tool to create intelligent workflows by automating key business processes. It bridges the gap between people, processes and information to empower your resources to do their job quickly and effectively. OmniFlow Workflow Automation software engine inculcates VCS’s domain knowledge and technical expertise to render visibility and business intelligence across processes. Besides rule driven structured processes, it also has the capability to support unplanned or unstructured workflows through the built-in Case Management functionality.


iBPM Software – Extending Enterprise

A key component of the OmniFlow iBPS WorkFlow Automation engine is Business Rules Management System (BRMS) which is used to define, deploy, execute, monitor and maintain the complexity of decision logic used by the operational systems in an enterprise. It is a completely scalable web based tool that allows businesses to easily define, control, change, and deploy business policies that govern critical business operations.