Providing quality citizen services is a must for a developed India. The foundation of Governance rests on the pillars of efficiency, equity and predictability. Good Governance, in addition, also demands securing justice, transparency, accountability, empowerment, employment and efficient delivery of services. We launched a pan-India Skills for Good Governance initiative to address the need for training of staff delivering theses citizen services. The outcome of our work directly correlates to the improved provision of services to the citizens of the country. These programmes are essentially delivered for the personnel at the Panchayat, Block and District level who are part of the Government machinery. Departments such as Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and now Swachh Bharat have engaged with us on this provision.

Our training programmes inculcate a feeling of ownership & accountability towards work, enhance self-esteem, build team spirit and leadership qualities while focussing on the technical /service skill for the specific target group. The efforts have been to create customized, need-based intervention as per the requirement of the department and target profile group.