VCSGroup provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization’s current IT assets. We work with large global corporations and new generation technology companies – to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today’s dynamic digital environment. The company also undertakes corporate training programs for the corporate sector at large. VCSGroup provide six months Industrial Training to B.Tech and BSC.IT/BCA/MCA/MSC.IT Students only, which is a part of their Graduate/Post graduate degree of Universities.

Why this Specialized Training?

As there are lots of engineering colleges in India and millions of graduates every year, the world of jobs has become competitive. Most Companies are now days demanding Practical exposure rather than some international Certification before they will hire. In order to better equip engineering students of our country with practical experience, we are conducting this training. This will enable students to get adjusted in the industry when they start working.

We offer 6 months training with practical work experience on exciting live projects Where we provide two months In house training on technical domains like .net, Java, PHP, SAP etc. and four months on live project with the client (onsite/offsite) in functional domains like sales, purchase, inventory, production planning, finance etc. and grab knowledge about management tools like Kaizen, 5S, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi.

How to apply?

Six Months Industrial Training is a paid training program. Company will charge Rs. 20,000/- from each candidate. There are only limited seats available. Interested candidates are required to contact at our office along with:

  1. Their latest Resume
  2. Training Letter from the college
  3. Identity Proof
  4. Two passport size photographs

Candidates are required to deposit Rs. 2,500/- as registration fee and balance at the time of joining the training. The fee is non-refundable. There will be no stipend paid during the training. Selection is purely basis after the screening of profile.

Admission for, Bsc.IT/BCA/MCA is open, interested candidates may visit our office on any working day between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Industrial Training Program
Part A. (Choose One Technical Domain Area)
(i) .Dot Net Track .Net Framework Concepts Programming Concepts
.Net Assemblies in Detail Garbage Collection
.Net Data Types CLR Hosting
File System Monitoring ADO .Net 2.0
Ajax .Net Control Tool Kit ASP .Net Ajax
.Net Coaching State Management
Adding & Management Linq

(ii) Java Track (A) Core Java
Introduction to Java Loops & Logics
Java Basics (Programs,Data, Variables & Calculation) Arrays & Strings
Defining Classes
Extending Classes & Inheritance Fundamentals of Java Networking & Multithreading
Exception Swing
Java GUI Object Serialization
Data Structure Code Development
(B) Advance Java
Servlets JSP
Strutes Design Pattern
(C) Services
Tomcat Weblogic

(iii) PHP Track Syntax rule of PHP PHP Data Types
PHP Statements PHP Classes
Database Handling PHP Session Handling
File System Management XML with PHP
XML RPC PHP Web Server
Ajax Smarty
PHP With LAMP Handling Mail Object With PHP
Working on different PHP Scripts Configuring PHP.ini

(iv) SAP TB1000 – SAP Business One Logistics
TB1100 – SAP Business One Accounts
TB1200 – SAP Business One Implementation
TB1300 – SAP Business One Development

Part B. (All modules are compulsory)
(i) Reporting Tool Microsoft SQL Server Report Crystal Reports
Customize Reporting Tool Dev Jasper Tool

(ii) Database MS SQL Server Database Overview Debugging
Using SQL SMO, RMO, Replication, Typed Data Set objects
SQL Server Mgmt. Studio OLAP
SQL 2K5 Native XMC Web Services
SQL Server Service Broker OLAP Application Development
Store Procedures Triggers
Reporting & Notification Services in SQL server 2K5

(iii) Enterprise Application Development Distributer Programming Desktop Services
Art of Performance training Web Services
Integrating Enterprise Level Service Adding Security to App.

(iv) Network & Server Mgmt. Windows XP / 7 Installation Networking Concepts
PDC & ADC Configuration Coding of cables
Windows Server 2K3 / 2K8 Installation
Routing & Remote Access Configuration
How to Create the GP Policy & Implementation
How to configure other server service like Filtration, Print Server, Web Server,Wins Server
How to Install proxy & Implementation
How to protect the DC Server Creating a child DC

(v) Management Tools Kaizen concepts & Implementation
5S Concepts & implementation
ISO 27001 Concepts & Implementation
CMMI Concepts & Implementation
ISO 9001 – Concepts & Implementation

(vi) Functional Domain Knowledge Sales Purchase
Accounts & Finance Inventory
Production Planning Human Resource

(vii) Live Project Live project include one technical domain area and one functional domain area with one client and project can be onsite/offsite.